Comedy,Drama   United States of America

The plot of Angels in the Outfield revolves around Roger, a young foster child who is a huge fan of the California Angels baseball team. He often prays for the team to win and for his father to become a responsible parent. Roger's prayers are answered when a group of actual angels, led by angel Al, start helping the struggling Angels team win games.

The Angels' newfound success begins to attract attention, and soon, everyone starts noticing the mysterious miracles happening on the baseball field. Roger becomes convinced that the angels are responsible for the team's winning streak and starts sharing his belief with others, including his father and the team's manager, George Knox.

As the Angels continue to win, Roger's father begins to see the impact of his irresponsibility on his son and starts to change his ways. Meanwhile, George Knox, initially skeptical of Roger's claims, begins to believe in the power of the angels and becomes a better person himself.

Throughout the movie, the angels provide miraculous assistance to the team, eventually leading them to the brink of winning the pennant. Alongside the team's success, Roger's father undergoes a transformation and begins to take responsibility for his son. In the end, the California Angels achieve victory and Roger's father makes a heartfelt promise to be a better parent, bringing a heartwarming conclusion to the story.
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