Drama,Comedy   N/A

Sure! In Before/During/After, we follow the protagonist, Jennie, as she navigates the aftermath of her marriage ending. She struggles with her newfound single status and the realization that she doesn't really know who she is outside of her role as a wife and actress.

As she starts to rebuild her life, Jennie discovers that she has to confront her own insecurities and fears in order to move forward. She also begins to explore new opportunities and relationships, including a potential romance with a younger man.

Throughout the film, we see flashbacks to Jennie's past, including her marriage and her career as an actress. These flashbacks help to provide context for her current struggles and showcase the complexity of her relationships and decisions.

Overall, Before/During/After is a story of self-discovery, resilience, and the quest for personal fulfillment in the face of unexpected challenges. It's a thoughtful exploration of identity and the journey towards finding oneself after a major life change.
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