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In the movie "I'm All Right Jack," Naive Stanley Windrush, played by Ian Carmichael, is a British World War II veteran who returns home with hopes of starting a successful career in business. Believing that his military experience and determination will pave his way to success, Stanley soon realizes that the reality is quite different.

Unable to secure a prestigious role as he expected, Stanley reluctantly takes a job as a low-level employee at his uncle's armaments factory. He soon discovers that the workplace is engulfed in conflict between the management and the trade union, both of which manipulate and exploit their employees for their own gain.

Stanley becomes unwittingly caught in the power struggle between the management, represented by Bertram Tracepurcel (played by Dennis Price), and the trade union leader, Fred Kite (played by Peter Sellers). As the management tries to disrupt the union's activities and gain the upper hand, Stanley is used as a pawn without fully understanding the political game at play. His naïveté and innocence make him an easy target for manipulation by both sides.

Throughout the film, Stanley faces various challenges and absurd situations within the factory. He encounters eccentric characters like the shop steward, Frankie (played by Alfie Bass), and his conniving coworker, Sidney (played by Richard Attenborough). As Stanley navigates through the chaotic workplace dynamics, he begins to understand the complexities of the industrial relations and corporate greed that exist within the system.

The story takes a comedic turn as Stanley becomes unintentionally involved in a series of mishaps, misunderstandings, and sabotage attempts against the factory. Along the way, he finds an unexpected ally in the form of Cynthia (played by Liz Fraser), a spirited secretary who offers him guidance and support.

As the climax approaches, Stanley finds himself torn between doing what is right and appeasing the conflicting interests of the management and the trade union. Eventually, he takes a stand against the manipulations and exposes the selfish motives of both sides, hoping to bring harmony and fairness to the workplace.

"I'm All Right Jack" is a satirical comedy that humorously depicts the absurdities of industrial relations and the self-serving nature of those in power. It shines a light on the struggles faced by ordinary workers and the challenges they encounter in the pursuit of a decent living.
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