Drama   N/A

The high school wrestling prodigy, Jett, has been raised by his abusive and controlling father, Cash, who is a former UFC champion. Jett's entire life has been consumed by training to follow in his father's footsteps, but as he grows older, he starts to question his own identity and desires.

As Jett becomes more confident in himself, he starts to rebel against his father's influence and control. This leads to a tense and volatile relationship between them, as Cash becomes increasingly determined to maintain his dominance over his son.

As Jett gains recognition in the wrestling world and becomes a top contender in his weight class, he realizes that he must face off against his father in order to truly establish his own independence and prove himself as a worthy competitor. The ultimate showdown between father and son becomes a battle not only in the ring, but also a test of their relationship and personal growth.

Throughout the film, Jett must navigate the complex emotions tied to his father, while also confronting the demons of his past and the pressure to live up to his father's legacy. As he strives to break free from his father's control and define his own path, Jett ultimately finds the courage to confront his father and assert his own identity, both as a wrestler and as a man.
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