Comedy,Family,Action,Drama   India

"Golmaal - Fun Unlimited" is a Bollywood comedy film released in 2006. The plot revolves around four friends - Gopal (played by Ajay Devgn), Madhav (played by Arshad Warsi), Lucky (played by Tusshar Kapoor), and Laxman (played by Sharman Joshi) - who find themselves entangled in a series of hilarious events.

The story begins with a brief introduction to the four friends, each with their unique quirks and personalities. Gopal is clever but somewhat cowardly, Madhav is a compulsive liar, Lucky is mute but talented in the art of mimicry, and Laxman is an innocent and gullible individual.

Due to their desperate financial situations, the friends decide to join a job together, but unfortunately, they face repeated failures. Eventually, they decide to take a break and head towards Goa for a holiday. On their way, they come across an old bungalow near the beach, which they believe is unoccupied.

To their surprise, the bungalow is owned by a blind couple - Somnath (played by Paresh Rawal) and Mangala (played by Sushmita Mukherjee). The friends quickly come up with a plan to pretend to be a visually impaired family, fearing that the couple may throw them out.

However, their plan starts to go awry when Gopal's girlfriend, a young and vibrant girl named Nirali (played by Rimi Sen), arrives unexpectedly. The friends have to work together to ensure their true identities remain hidden from Nirali and the blind couple.

To complicate matters further, Nirali's father, Colonel Chouhan (played by Nana Patekar), arrives at the bungalow, suspecting something fishy. The situation becomes chaotic as the friends are caught in a web of lies, trying to maintain their disguises while also desperately hiding the truth from everyone.

Amidst this confusion, hilarious situations, misunderstandings, and chaotic laughter, the film reaches its climax. The friends must reveal their real identities while resolving the chaos they have created to save themselves from dire consequences.

"Golmaal - Fun Unlimited" is known for its slapstick comedy, witty dialogues, and vibrant performances. It explores themes of friendship, trust, and the consequences of deception, all while keeping the audience entertained with its light-hearted and amusing plot twists.
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