Comedy,Family   United States of America

In the movie "Jungle 2 Jungle," the uptight New York City executive, Michael Cromwell, travels to South America to finalize his divorce with his estranged wife, Patricia. However, during his visit, he discovers that he has a 13-year-old son named Mimi-Siku, whom he never knew existed. Mimi-Siku was raised in a remote tribal village in Brazil by his mother and the tribe's chief, his father.

Initially, Michael is stunned and reluctant to accept Mimi-Siku as his son. Determined to bring his newfound son back to the United States, Michael plans to take Mimi-Siku with him to New York City. However, Mimi-Siku is reluctant to leave his jungle home and the tribe's traditions behind.

As they venture back to New York City, Mimi-Siku finds himself in a completely unfamiliar world. He encounters various technological marvels, Western customs, and urban lifestyle, which he struggles to understand and adapt to. His blowgun skills often come in handy as he tries to navigate this strange new environment.

Throughout the film, Michael attempts to bond with Mimi-Siku and become a father figure to him, despite their vast differences in lifestyle and upbringing. Mimi-Siku also begins to learn about the complexities of urban life, love, and family dynamics.

During their time in New York City, Mimi-Siku's unique perspective and skills help them overcome various challenges and obstacles. They also have several comical and heartwarming experiences while learning from each other's vastly different cultures.

Ultimately, the film revolves around the relationship between Michael and Mimi-Siku, as they both try to bridge the gap between their two contrasting worlds and find common ground as father and son.
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