Crime,Drama,TV Movie   Canada

Sure! In the movie "Black Girl Missing," Cheryl becomes increasingly frustrated with the lack of attention given to her daughter's disappearance. She is determined to find her daughter and begins her own investigation, uncovering some disturbing truths about her daughter's whereabouts.

Cheryl navigates through systemic racism and societal indifference, as she fights to bring attention to her daughter's case. She is faced with numerous obstacles but remains steadfast in her quest to find her daughter.

As she delves deeper into the investigation, Cheryl uncovers a web of corruption and negligence within the authorities, media, and the community at large. The movie highlights the disparities in the way missing persons cases are handled based on race, and the impact it has on the families involved.

Throughout the film, Cheryl's strength and resilience are put to the test as she fights for justice and the truth about her daughter's disappearance. It's a powerful story that sheds light on the realities faced by families of missing black girls and the importance of amplifying their voices.
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