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Sure! In the movie Hammer, the father, Chris, is a former boxer who has been struggling with alcoholism and a strained relationship with his son, Eddie. When Chris finds Eddie fleeing from a failed drug deal, he is forced to confront his own demons and make difficult choices in order to protect his son.

As they go on the run, the two men find themselves entangled in a dangerous underworld, facing off against ruthless drug dealers and risking their lives to survive. Throughout their journey, they must confront the past and navigate the complexities of their relationship.

As the violence escalates, the father and son are forced to rely on each other and confront the consequences of their actions. Along the way, they grapple with themes of forgiveness, redemption, and the meaning of family.

The movie Hammer explores the deep bond between a father and son, and the lengths one will go to protect their family. It is a raw and intense portrayal of the challenges and complexities of fatherhood and the power of unconditional love.
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