Comedy,Crime   United States of America

Sure! In "2 Days in the Valley," the murder of the professional athlete, played by former football star Terry Hall (played by Peter Horton), is orchestrated by two hit men, Dosmo Pizzo (played by James Spader) and Lee Woods (played by Eric Stoltz). The murder is linked to a larger scheme involving art theft and betrayal.

Meanwhile, a diverse group of residents in the sleepy community are drawn into the web of intrigue and danger. These include Becky Foxx (played by Teri Hatcher), the athlete's mistress, who becomes involved in the aftermath of the murder; Susan (played by Glenne Headly), a nurse who becomes entangled in the events; Alvin Strayer (played by Jeff Daniels), the suicidal writer who finds new purpose after his encounter with the hit men; and Maj. Ralph Crupi (played by Danny Aiello), a bitter cop who becomes involved in the investigation.

As the story unfolds, the lives of these characters intersect in surprising and darkly comedic ways. Betrayal, greed, and unexpected alliances come into play as the characters must navigate the dangerous and unpredictable events that unfold over just two days in the Valley. The movie weaves together the stories of these characters, building to a tense and thrilling climax as their lives become irrevocably intertwined.
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