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In Between Shadow and Soul, the protagonist May is introduced as a young and naïve fourteen-year-old girl who is forced into an arranged marriage with a much older wealthy landowner in late 19th century Vietnam. As the third wife, she quickly realizes that her value and security in this patriarchal society are dependent on her ability to give birth to a male child.

However, May finds herself drawn towards Xuan, the second wife in the household, sparking a forbidden attraction between them. This relationship not only threatens the fragile power dynamics within the family but also puts May's own status and security at risk.

As May witnesses the unfolding tragedy of forbidden love and the devastating consequences that come with it, she is faced with a difficult decision. She must choose whether to continue living in silence, sacrificing her own desires for the sake of societal expectations, or to seize the opportunity to forge her own path towards personal freedom and happiness.

The black and white, silent film format of Between Shadow and Soul adds a unique cinematic experience to the story, allowing for a focus on visual storytelling and emphasizing the emotional weight of the characters' actions and decisions. This retelling of Ash Mayfair's acclaimed film, The Third Wife, offers a different perspective on the themes of love, desire, and the limitations imposed on women in a traditional society.
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