Action   Hong Kong

Twins Mission tells the story of a pair of identical twin sisters, Autumn (Gillian Chung) and Summer (Charlene Choi), who are talented martial artists and members of a secret martial arts clan known as the Thirteen Eagles. However, due to a conflict within the clan, the twins are separated at a young age.

Years later, Autumn becomes a skilled warrior and detective, working alongside her partner, a cyborg named Uncle Luck (Sammo Hung), in the Hong Kong Police Force. On the other hand, Summer has been raised by a band of thieves and acquired exceptional thieving skills.

One day, a valuable ancient artifact called the "Golden Buddha" is stolen, and it could potentially bring about chaos if it falls into the wrong hands. The Thirteen Eagles, including Autumn, are assigned to retrieve the artifact and prevent it from being misused.

As Autumn investigates the case, she crosses paths with her long-lost sister, Summer, who is entangled with the thieves who have stolen the Golden Buddha. Despite their differences, the twins team up to recover the artifact and save their clan from destruction.

Throughout their mission, the sisters encounter various colorful characters, including a mysterious villain known as Dr. Vulcano (played by Wu Jing), who possesses formidable martial arts skills. They also face challenges and engage in thrilling fight sequences as they try to thwart the villain's evil plot.

The film combines elements of action, comedy, and martial arts, with plenty of humorous moments deriving from the interactions between the twins and their contrasting personalities. As the story unfolds, secrets are revealed, alliances are formed, and unexpected twists occur, building up to an intense climax.

However, the film ends in a cliffhanger, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating a potential sequel that would continue the story.
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