Drama,TV Movie,History   United States of America

Attica is a 2021 documentary film that provides a behind the scenes look at the 1971 prisoners revolt at the Attica prison in New York. The film delves into the events leading up to the uprising, as well as the experiences of the inmates and prison staff during the four-day standoff.

The documentary interviews survivors and participants in the revolt, shedding light on the harsh conditions and mistreatment that led to the uprising. It also explores the negotiations between the inmates and authorities, as well as the violent response by law enforcement during the retaking of the prison, which resulted in the deaths of several inmates and hostages.

The film aims to provide a comprehensive and empathetic understanding of the Attica prison uprising, and to give voice to the experiences of those involved. It also addresses the legacy of the revolt and its impact on the American prison system. Attica received critical acclaim for its in-depth exploration of the events and its powerful storytelling.
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