Drama,Action   South Korea

As the production of Rough Cut is on the verge of shutting down due to Su-ta's aggressive behavior, Gang-pae, who longs to become an actor, reluctantly agrees to step in and play alongside Su-ta in order to save the film.

However, Gang-pae is not your typical actor. He is the #2 gangster in his organization, known for his violent ways and being a hot-tempered individual. Despite his lack of acting experience, Gang-pae takes on the challenge, hoping that this opportunity will fulfill his dream of becoming an actor.

As filming begins, Gang-pae's raw and authentic portrayal of a gangster intrigues both the crew members and the director. Su-ta, on the other hand, starts to witness Gang-pae's genuine talent and dedication to the role. Despite their different backgrounds and personalities, the two actors gradually form an unexpected bond and develop mutual respect for each other's craft.

However, as the movie progresses and the line between reality and acting becomes blurred, Gang-pae finds it increasingly challenging to differentiate between his role and his actual persona as a gangster. This internal conflict leads to moments of intense turmoil as Gang-pae struggles to maintain control over his violent nature.

Meanwhile, a rival gang becomes aware of Gang-pae's involvement in the film and sees it as an opportunity to settle their score with him. This latest threat forces Gang-pae to confront his past actions and make a difficult decision between the violent world he has always known and the new path he has started to tread as an actor.

As tensions rise both on and off the set, the fate of Rough Cut hangs in the balance. Gang-pae must not only overcome his personal demons but also navigate the treacherous world of showbiz, all while trying to save the production and prove himself as an actor.

The film ultimately delves into themes of redemption, identity, and the power of embracing one's authentic self. Through their unlikely partnership, Gang-pae and Su-ta discover that sometimes, life imitates art more than they could have ever imagined.
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