Drama,Romance   Sweden

Mia is a successful lawyer who has always followed her parents' expectations and lived a conventional life. Tim, her boyfriend, is a stable and reliable partner whom Mia has been with for several years. While attending her parent's engagement party, Mia meets Frida, an adventurous and free-spirited woman who works as a photographer.

As Mia spends more time with Frida, she feels an unexplainable connection and a strong attraction towards her. Their encounters become increasingly intense, leading to passionate moments between them. Mia is torn between her deepening feelings for Frida and her commitment to Tim.

As Mia grapples with her emotions, she confides in her best friend, Hannah, who encourages her to follow her heart. However, Mia is hesitant, fearing the judgement and disappointment from her family and the potential consequences of ending her engagement with Tim.

Frida, on the other hand, has always been true to herself and has never been in a conventional relationship. She supports Mia's exploration of her feelings but also senses Mia's hesitation. Frida warns Mia that if she chooses Tim, she needs to be certain and not regret her decision in the future.

Mia's internal struggle becomes even more apparent when she starts to question her own desires and societal expectations. She asks herself if she is truly happy with Tim or if she's been suppressing her true self to fit into society's mold.

Meanwhile, Mia's parents notice her internal turmoil and decide to confront her about her changing behavior. Mia realizes that she cannot continue living a lie and must confront her true feelings. She gathers the courage to break off her engagement with Tim, leaving him heartbroken and confused.

With her newfound freedom, Mia embarks on a passionate relationship with Frida. They enjoy beautiful and unforgettable moments together, strengthening their bond. However, Mia still battles with society's expectations and her uncertain future.

As the movie progresses, Mia learns the importance of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and following her heart. She gains the support of her family and friends, who ultimately want her to be happy. Mia's journey leads her to truly understand the power of love and the importance of choosing her own path in life.

The movie ends with Mia finally embracing her true self and making a life-altering decision that will change her future. With Every Heartbeat showcases the complexities of love, relationships, and the courage it takes to follow one's heart, no matter the consequences.
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