Animation,Comedy,Drama   Canada,Brazil

Sure! In the movie Zoom, the comic book artist, novelist, and film director are each struggling with their own creative block. However, their worlds unexpectedly collide when they begin to see reflections of each other in their work.

The comic book artist starts drawing characters that resemble the novelist, and the novelist begins writing about a film director who shares the same struggles as the one in real life. At the same time, the film director is struck with inspiration after reading a comic book that mirrors the artist's struggles.

As the lines between their realities blur, the three creators find themselves drawn to each other's worlds, unknowingly influencing and impacting each other's stories. Together, they must navigate these multi-dimensional connections and break free from their creative blocks in order to save their own worlds and find artistic fulfillment.

Throughout their journey, they also uncover the underlying forces behind these strange intersections and discover the true power of their creativity. As they come to understand and embrace the interconnected nature of their art, they find new perspectives and inspiration that allows them to break through their creative blocks and craft their most meaningful work yet.
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