Animation   Canada,Lebanon,Qatar,United States of America

In the movie "The Prophet," Mustafa is a renowned artist and poet who has been exiled from his homeland due to his rebellious writings and outspoken criticism against the government. Despite his exile, Mustafa's words have inspired many people and are seen as a threat to the authorities in his country.

On his journey home, Mustafa is accompanied by his loyal housekeeper Kamila and her young daughter Almitra. They escape the authorities' scrutiny and, as they travel, Mustafa shares his wisdom and poetry with those they encounter, transforming the lives of those who listen.

Throughout the film, Mustafa's poetry covers various themes such as freedom, love, beauty, and the human condition. His profound words ignite a spark within the hearts of people from different walks of life and inspire them to question societal norms and find their own purpose.

As Mustafa's influence grows, so does the fear of the authorities, who perceive his words as a potential catalyst for rebellion. They relentlessly pursue Mustafa and his companions, attempting to silence his voice and squash any uprising his words might incite.

Amidst this dangerous atmosphere, Mustafa's relationship with Kamila and Almitra deepens, turning into a strong bond of kinship and understanding. Kamila, who initially viewed Mustafa as just her employer, becomes his trusted confidante, supporting his cause and embodying the spirit of freedom he talks about in his poetry.

Together, the trio faces various obstacles and hazards on their journey, but they persist in their quest to reach Mustafa's homeland, where he hopes to inspire change and unite people through his art.

In the climax of the movie, Mustafa is finally captured by the authorities, who fear his power to lead a revolution. However, his message has already spread far and wide, and the people, moved by his words and fearless spirit, rise up in peaceful rebellion, demanding freedom and justice.

"The Prophet" is ultimately a story about the power of art, poetry, and the indomitable human spirit. It explores themes of oppression, resistance, and the pursuit of truth, reminding us that even in the face of adversity, our words and actions hold the potential to inspire and bring about significant change.
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