Documentary,Music,Drama,Comedy   Australia,Sweden

In the movie ABBA: The Movie, the radio DJ named Ashley Wallace from a popular radio station in Australia is determined to secure an exclusive interview with the sensational Swedish pop group, ABBA, who are on a whirlwind tour of Australia in the late 1970s.

Eager to get a personal and unique perspective on the band, Ashley decides to follow ABBA throughout their Australian tour in the hope of scoring an interview and capturing their behind-the-scenes moments. Armed with his trusty tape recorder and fueled by his love for ABBA's music, Ashley embarks on an adventurous journey to connect with the band members and make his dream interview a reality.

However, Ashley quickly realizes that his task is not as easy as he initially thought. The security around ABBA is incredibly tight, and their management team is reluctant to grant him an interview. Undeterred, Ashley hatches a plan that involves sneaking into their hotel, chasing their tour bus, and attending their concerts in various cities, all while documenting his experiences and encounters with ABBA through his recording equipment.

During his relentless pursuit, Ashley encounters a myriad of colorful characters who are also captivated by ABBA's irresistible music and charismatic performances. From star-struck fans to eccentric concert promoters, Ashley finds himself in unexpected and humorous situations. Along the way, he also gains insight into the pressures and challenges faced by ABBA as they navigate their fame and popularity.

Amidst the chaos and excitement of following ABBA, Ashley's determination pays off when he finally manages to catch up with the band and convince them to grant him a long-awaited interview. In this interview, ABBA shares personal stories, their thoughts on their music, and the joys and struggles that come with being global superstars.

ABBA: The Movie is not only a story about a radio DJ's pursuit of an exclusive interview but also a celebration of ABBA's music and their impact on popular culture. Filled with toe-tapping performances, heartwarming moments, and a nostalgic atmosphere, the film showcases the power of music to connect people and create unforgettable memories.
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