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In the wake of John's death, Mona is haunted by vivid dreams of his murder and voodoo rituals. These dreams begin to seep into her waking life, causing her to question her sanity and safety. As she delves into the mystery of her husband's death, she uncovers a web of deception and betrayal that threatens to unravel her world.

Mona's search for answers leads her to confront her own past and the secrets she thought she had left behind. With the help of a local voodoo priestess, she begins to unravel the truth behind John's death and the dark forces at play.

As the danger escalates and the voodoo rituals become more sinister, Mona must confront her fears and make a choice that will determine her fate. Will she be able to overcome the guilt and find peace, or will the rituals of guilt consume her?

Rituals of Guilt is a gripping thriller that delves into the complexities of grief, guilt, and the supernatural, reminding us that the past can never truly be buried. As Mona navigates the treacherous waters of her own mind and the world around her, she must find the strength to confront the rituals of guilt and break free from their deadly grip.
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