Horror,Thriller   Germany,United States of America

In the movie Wrong Turn, Chris and his friends are traveling to a job interview when their car collides with another vehicle in a remote area of West Virginia. Stranded with no reception and their vehicles damaged, the group sets out to find help. They venture into the dense woods but soon realize they are being pursued by three mutant cannibalistic mountain men.

The group becomes increasingly disoriented as they navigate the vast and treacherous forest. They stumble upon an old watchtower which they hope will provide a means of escape and cell phone reception. However, they are horrified to discover the tower's occupant, an old man named Maynard, is associated with the cannibalistic clan.

Desperate to survive, Chris and his friends try to fight off their pursuers using makeshift weapons and their wits. Along the way, they uncover the dark secrets of the mountain men, discovering that their grotesque appearance is a result of generations of inbreeding within their isolated community.

Through relentless pursuit, the mountain men manage to capture and kill some members of the group, leaving Chris, his love interest Jessie, and a few others as the last survivors. Determined to make it out alive, they must find a way to outsmart the psychotic cannibals who seem to know the forest inside-out.

As they continue their desperate escape attempt, Chris and Jessie find a hidden underground lair where the mutant family keeps their trophies and past victims. They stagger upon a room filled with dismembered human body parts, indicating the horrifying extent of the mountain men's cannibalistic activities.

Ultimately, Chris and Jessie manage to turn the tables on their brutal stalkers, using their surroundings and their own resourcefulness to gain the upper hand. In a thrilling and violent showdown, they defeat the remaining members of the clan, finally finding a way to make their escape from the nightmarish forest.

The movie concludes with Chris and Jessie leaving the area, traumatized but alive, as they reflect on the horrific ordeal they endured and the terrifying existence of the cannibalistic mountain men hidden deep in the woods of West Virginia.
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