Thriller,Drama,TV Movie   United States of America

Jules, still reeling from the traumatic years of mental abuse inflicted by her late husband, struggles to regain control over her life. As she tries to move on, she starts experiencing inexplicable sightings of her husband, Donovan, in various places. Initially dismissing them as hallucinations or figments of her imagination, Jules gradually becomes convinced that Donovan's presence is haunting her.

Haunted by these relentless apparitions, Jules begins questioning her sanity and whether she truly caused his death in the fire incident. Consumed by guilt and paranoia, she becomes increasingly isolated from her friends and family, fearing that they won't believe her experiences. Jules becomes determined to unravel the truth behind Donovan's lingering presence.

As Jules delves deeper into her investigation, she discovers disturbing secrets about her husband's past. She uncovers evidence of his involvement in criminal activities and the manipulation of vulnerable individuals. With each revelation, Jules realizes that his abusive behavior was just the tip of the iceberg, and that there is a much darker side to Donovan.

Desperate for answers and closure, Jules seeks the help of a renowned paranormal investigator, Dr. Sarah Turner. Together, they explore the twisted history of Donovan's life, unearthing a network of dangerous individuals linked to his crimes. As Jules's mental state deteriorates further, Sarah becomes her rock, offering guidance and support, while also facing her own skepticism about the supernatural.

The suspense intensifies as Jules and Sarah edge closer to the truth, putting themselves at risk as they confront Donovan's past associates. They soon realize that not everyone is willing to let the sins of the past remain buried, and their lives are in jeopardy as they race against time to expose the truth.

In a climactic showdown, Jules confronts the person responsible for Donovan's death and the events haunting her. Overcoming her fears and drawing upon her inner strength, Jules fights to reclaim her life and protect those she holds dear. Ultimately, she discovers that she is stronger than she ever believed and that freedom from her past torment is within her grasp.

Every Breath She Takes is an intense psychological thriller that explores themes of abuse, trauma, and the limits of one's sanity. It delves into the lingering effects of abuse, the power of self-discovery, and the indomitable strength of the human spirit.
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