Thriller   United States of America

The movie follows five successful and wealthy friends – Vincent, Chris, Luke, Marty, and Philip – who decide to share a penthouse in the city where they can carry on their extramarital affairs in secret. They have strict rules about privacy and discretion, each having their own key to the penthouse and ensuring that no one else knows about their arrangements.

However, their perfect setup is thrown into chaos when they discover the dead body of a beautiful, unknown woman in the loft. The group realizes that one of them must be responsible for her death, as only they have access to the penthouse. Paranoia sets in as each man begins to suspect the others, questioning their loyalty and friendship.

As the investigation into the woman's murder intensifies, secrets and lies are revealed among the group. Tensions rise, and the relationships between the friends begin to unravel. The men find themselves caught in a web of deceit, betrayal, and manipulation as they try to uncover the truth about what really happened in the penthouse.

As the mystery unfolds, the men must confront their own dark truths and face the consequences of their actions. The once close-knit group is torn apart, and their lives are forever changed by the events that transpire in The Loft.
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