Action,Comedy,Thriller,Romance   France

Vincent, a seasoned police officer, has a secret double life as a corrupt cop involved in drug dealing. One night, along with his partner, Sean, Vincent plans a drug heist to steal a large shipment of cocaine from a gang of criminals led by José, a ruthless mob boss.

However, their meticulously planned operation takes a turn for the worse when Vincent is unexpectedly stabbed during a scuffle with one of José's henchmen. As a result, the criminals not only discover his true identity as a cop but also manage to escape with Vincent's bag of cocaine.

Desperate to retrieve the stolen drugs, Vincent realizes that the bag actually belongs to José himself, a highly feared and influential mob boss. In retaliation for the theft, José kidnaps Vincent's teenage son, Thomas, holding him hostage to ensure Vincent's compliance in returning the cocaine by the end of the night.

Racing against the clock, Vincent sets out to navigate the dangerous underbelly of the city to reclaim both his son and the drugs. In his pursuit, he encounters various obstacles and adversaries, including corrupt colleagues, rival gang members, and suspicious fellow officers.

While Vincent tries to maintain a facade of normalcy in front of his colleagues and superiors, he must also deceive José's criminal associates, who are trying to extract information about the stolen cocaine's whereabouts from him. Vincent's life becomes a high-stakes game of cat and mouse as he struggles to outwit everyone involved and save his son's life.

As the night progresses, the suspense intensifies. Vincent's actions become increasingly desperate and violent as he fights against time, his own colleagues, and the mob's enforcers. With each encounter and revelation, Vincent's determination and resourcefulness are put to the test, forcing him to confront his own deeply buried conscience and make sacrifices for the sake of his son's safety.

In the climax, Vincent manages to locate José's hideout, engaging in a final, dangerous showdown with the mob boss and his henchmen. Amidst the chaos and gunfire, Vincent displays his cunning and courage, ultimately overpowering his adversaries and rescuing his son.

In the end, Vincent emerges victorious but profoundly changed. Having faced the consequences of his actions and the dark world he became entangled in, he vows to leave behind his corrupt ways and embrace redemption for the sake of his son's future. Sleepless Night is a gripping, action-packed thriller that explores the lengths a father will go to protect his child and the moral choices one must make when faced with impossible circumstances.
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