Animation,Comedy,Family,Thriller   Pakistan

"The Donkey King" is an animated comedy film that tells the story of Mangu, a hardworking and ambitious donkey who works as a rickshaw puller in Azad Nagar, a bustling town.

The lion, King Sher Khan, decides to retire and hold an election to choose his successor. Unexpectedly, Mangu is chosen as the new king by a quirk of fate. Initially hesitant, Mangu is persuaded by his loyal friends, including a street-smart monkey named Shahzain, a clever parrot named Gorgeous, and a wise old horse named Sombrero, to accept the responsibility.

As Mangu settles into his new role, he encounters numerous challenges and faces the trials and tribulations of being a leader, despite his humble origins. He learns about the complexities of governing a kingdom, dealing with corrupt officials, and making difficult decisions for the betterment of his subjects.

Meanwhile, the power-hungry and conniving lioness, Miss Fitna, who had expected to be appointed as the next ruler, plots to overthrow Mangu and reclaim the throne for herself. She joins forces with the cunning jackal, Raja Bhaloo, and together, they hatch various schemes to discredit Mangu and expose him as an unfit king.

Amidst this turmoil, Mangu remains determined to prove himself and bring positive changes to Azad Nagar. He introduces innovative policies and initiatives to uplift the lives of both animals and humans in the kingdom. With the support of his faithful friends and the trust of his subjects, Mangu's leadership skills gradually start to shine.

The film also explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and self-discovery as Mangu learns valuable life lessons, discovers his true potential, and faces his own insecurities throughout his journey as the king.

In the end, Mangu's courage, resilience, and ability to bring people together become an inspiration for the entire kingdom. His reign as the donkey king of Azad Nagar not only transforms him but also changes the perception and prejudices of others towards those who are considered "lesser" or "ordinary."

"The Donkey King" is a lighthearted and entertaining tale that combines humor, adventure, and social commentary. It showcases the significance of leadership, the pursuit of dreams, and the triumph of the underdog against all odds.
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