Comedy,Drama,Romance   Taiwan,United States of America

Sure! In "Eat Drink Man Woman," the three daughters of Chu, Jia-Jen, Jia-Chien, and Jia-Ning, are all in different stages of their lives and struggling with their own personal issues.

Jia-Jen, the oldest daughter, is a successful chemistry teacher who has embraced the teachings of her faith and has become religiously devout. She reconnects with an old schoolmate, Liang Jin-Rong, who is now a middle-aged Christian. They find solace in their renewed friendship and gradually develop romantic feelings for each other.

Jia-Chien, the middle daughter, is a successful executive at a fast-food restaurant. She meets a wealthy businessman named Huang Tao-Rui and starts a casual sexual relationship with him. However, as she becomes more emotionally involved with him, she starts to question her own values and priorities.

Jia-Ning, the youngest daughter, is a schoolgirl who dreams of becoming a professional dancer. She meets her crush, Ming-Dao, who is a student at the same school. They develop a sweet and innocent relationship that helps Jia-Ning explore her emotions and grow as a young woman.

Meanwhile, Chef Chu, the father, faces his own struggles. He feels disconnected from his daughters and finds solace in his passion for cooking. He prepares grand feasts every Sunday, showcasing his culinary skills and using food as a medium to express his love for his family.

Throughout the film, these interconnected storylines unravel, portraying the challenges and joys of love, family, and personal growth. The characters navigate cultural expectations, societal conventions, and personal desires as they discover new perspectives and redefine their relationships with each other.
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