Crime,Drama   France,Italy

In the movie The Ruthless, Santo Russo, a young boy from Calabria, moves to Milan with his family in the year 1967, seeking better opportunities and living conditions. However, due to a misunderstanding and his father's disdain towards him, Santo finds himself in prison at a young age. Although initially unfortunate, this unexpected turn of events provides him with a unique education and shapes his character.

Eleven years later, in 1978, Santo is released from prison and reconnects with his childhood friends, Slim and Mario. The trio decides to embark on a criminal career together, unleashing a 15-year spree of illegal activities marked by their relentless pursuit of wealth, power, and ruthless ambition.

Throughout their criminal exploits, the trio engages in various acts of robbery, kidnapping, murder, and even heroin smuggling. Santo gradually becomes the leader of their criminal enterprise, using his intelligence, cunning, and the lessons learned from his time in prison to navigate the treacherous underworld of Milan.

As time passes, Santo's empire continues to grow, and he becomes a formidable figure in the criminal underworld, striking fear into the hearts of both his enemies and those closest to him. While his criminal empire thrives, Santo also experiences personal turmoil, as the weight of his crimes and the consequences they bear on his relationships and his own morality begin to take a toll.

As the movie unfolds, the audience witnesses the rise and fall of Santo Russo, exploring the complexities of his character and the consequences of his ruthless actions. The Ruthless delves into themes of power, loyalty, betrayal, and the ultimate price one pays for a life of crime.
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