Romance,Drama   United Kingdom,Australia,United States of America

Oscar Hopkins, despite his troubled upbringing, becomes an Anglican minister in his adult life. However, he develops a peculiar and consuming passion for gambling, which he believes to be a divine calling. This obsession is driven by the idea that by taking risks, he is putting his faith in God and letting fate guide him.

On the other hand, Lucinda Leplastrier is a wealthy Australian heiress who has recently inherited a glass factory. She travels to London to purchase materials for her factory and decides to return to Australia as a missionary. Lucinda is an unconventional and independent woman, showing little interest in conforming to societal norms.

Oscar and Lucinda meet aboard a ship traveling to Australia, and an instant connection forms between them. They both share a mutual sense of eccentricity and a deep belief in the power of fate. Recognizing their shared passion for risk-taking, they decide to make a wager that will profoundly impact their lives.

The wager they make is that Oscar will transport a glass church, made entirely of fragile glass, to a remote town in New South Wales, Australia. Lucinda bets that Oscar will not be able to accomplish this extraordinary feat. If Oscar succeeds, Lucinda promises to give him her entire fortune. Thus, their destinies are intertwined, and the wager becomes a pivotal point in their lives.

As Oscar embarks on this near-impossible task of transporting the glass church, he faces numerous challenges and obstacles. He encounters hostile locals, harsh climate conditions, and even internal turmoil as doubts begin to creep into his mind.

Meanwhile, Lucinda faces her own struggles with her factory. She grapples with the harsh realities of running a business in a male-dominated society, battling against prejudice and skepticism from those around her.

Throughout their separate journeys, Oscar and Lucinda's bond deepens, and their unconventional love story unfolds. Their shared determination and unorthodox beliefs in fate and chance bring them closer together. However, their obsession with the wager also threatens to tear them apart, as it becomes a driving force that challenges their own dreams and desires.

As their unpredictable and dangerous journey reaches its climax, Oscar and Lucinda's lives are forever altered by the choices they make and the ultimate outcome of the wager. Their story showcases the power of passion, obsession, and the unpredictable nature of life's journey.
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