Action,Adventure,Drama,War   United Kingdom

Sure! In March or Die, Major Foster and his men arrive at the outpost and begin to prepare for the impending attack by El Krim and his forces. Along the way, they meet a group of women who are part of the excavation team, including the strong-willed Simone Picard. Tensions rise as the soldiers and the archeologists clash over cultural differences and the dangers they face.

As the threat of El Krim looms larger, Major Foster must find a way to unite his men and the archeologists to defend the outpost. Despite facing betrayal and seemingly insurmountable odds, they bravely band together to protect the excavation and fend off the attacking forces.

Overall, the movie is a thrilling adventure that explores themes of loyalty, bravery, and the clash of cultures in a turbulent time. It also features stunning desert landscapes and intense battle scenes that add to the excitement and drama of the story.
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