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In the movie Cowboy Up, Ely Braxton is a talented and fearless bull rider in the world of professional rodeo. His brother Hank, on the other hand, works as a rodeo clown and serves as Ely's protector and sidekick during their performances. Together, they bring excitement and entertainment to the audience with their daring routines.

However, their relationship becomes strained when Ely falls in love with a woman named Celia, who is known as the rodeo's sweetheart. Celia reciprocates Ely's affection, which fills Hank with jealousy and resentment towards his brother.

As the brothers try to navigate their complicated relationship, conflicts arise both inside and outside the rodeo arena. They must confront their differences and work through their issues, but their fierce competitiveness and personal emotions threaten to tear them apart.

The movie focuses on the intense world of professional bull riding, showcasing the dangers and risks faced by the fearless cowboys. It also delves into the complex dynamics between family, love, and ambition, highlighting the sacrifices and challenges that come with pursuing a career in rodeo.

Amidst the thrilling bull riding scenes, the movie explores the emotional journeys of Ely, Hank, and Celia, illustrating the price they pay for pursuing their dreams and finding love in a competitive and demanding environment.
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