Drama   United States of America,Papua New Guinea,Australia,New Zealand

Matilda is a young girl living in Bougainville during the civil war, and her life is disrupted when the conflict reaches her village. The only white man in the village, Mr. Watts (played by Hugh Laurie), becomes an unlikely source of inspiration for the children by reading Great Expectations to them. Matilda becomes particularly enthralled by the story and begins to see parallels between her own life and the events in the novel.

As the war escalates and the village is occupied by soldiers, Mr. Watts continues to read the book to the children, offering them a temporary escape from the turmoil around them. However, his actions draw the ire of the local militant forces, who see the book as a symbol of colonialism and a threat to their authority.

As tensions rise, Matilda and Mr. Watts are forced to confront the dangerous consequences of using fiction as a means of escape. The lines between reality and fiction blur, and they must find a way to navigate the increasingly perilous situation in their war-torn village.

As the story unfolds, we see the impact of Mr. Watts' reading of Great Expectations on Matilda, her family, and the entire village, and the power of literature to provide solace and hope in the face of adversity.
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