Action,Comedy,Family   Australia,United States of America

As Agent 11 tries to lay low and avoid the assassins, he forms an unlikely bond with Gordon and James, who are initially unaware of his true identity. As they try to evade the mob boss and his henchmen, they embark on a series of misadventures that test their bond and ultimately bring them closer together.

Meanwhile, the FBI and Witness Protection are trying to track down Agent 11 and keep him safe. As the mob boss's goons close in on them, Agent 11 must use his training and skills to protect himself, Gordon, and James.

Throughout the film, the trio faces various challenges and obstacles, but they also find moments of joy and friendship as they navigate the dangerous situation they find themselves in. Ultimately, they must all work together to outsmart the mob boss and his goons and ensure their safety.

As the story unfolds, the characters learn important lessons about trust, loyalty, and the true meaning of family. And, of course, Spot the canine hero plays a pivotal role in helping to save the day and bring the unlikely group of friends closer together.
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