Drama,Thriller   Japan

Sure, here are some more plot details for the movie "Woman in the Dunes":

The entomologist, Jumpei Niki, is taken captive by the villagers and forced to live in a sand pit with a mysterious woman, referred to as the "Woman in the Dunes." The villagers use the entomologist to help them collect sand, which they sell to the outside world in order to make a living.

As Niki tries to figure out a way to escape, he becomes increasingly frustrated and desperate, while the woman seems to have accepted her fate and is more resigned to the situation. The entomologist and the woman develop a complex and at times erotic relationship as they try to survive in the harsh and relentless environment of the sand pit.

The movie delves into themes of isolation, desire, and the struggle for survival. It is a psychological and atmospheric film that explores the depths of human nature and the power dynamics between captor and captive.
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