Mystery,Thriller,Crime,Drama,Romance   Japan,United Kingdom

Sure! As the investigation into Lily's disappearance ramps up, the story delves into the complex dynamics and dark secrets of the relationships between Lucy, Teiji, and Lily. Lucy finds herself at the center of suspicion, as both the police and Lily's friends believe she may be hiding something about Lily's whereabouts.

As the film progresses, it becomes clear that all three characters have secrets and hidden motives, and the tension escalates as the truth about Lily's fate and the true nature of Lucy and Teiji's relationship is slowly revealed. The film delves into themes of guilt, obsession, and the nature of memory, creating a dark and gripping atmosphere as Lucy's own past traumas come to light.

The setting of 1989 Tokyo adds a rich and evocative backdrop to the story, capturing the mood and atmosphere of the city at that time. The film utilizes its setting to heighten the sense of unease and disorientation, creating a visually stunning and hauntingly atmospheric experience. Ultimately, Earthquake Bird is a psychological thriller that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats as it unravels the complex and unsettling truths at its core.
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