Drama   Italy

The man, Thomas, is a middle-aged Italian who is feeling lost and disconnected from his life. In an attempt to find himself, he embarks on a motorcycle trip to the Spanish desert. Along the way, he meets a young Muslim woman named Maryam who is on the run from an arranged marriage.

Thomas is initially reluctant to get involved but ends up helping Maryam escape her situation. As they journey together through the desert, Thomas begins to see the world through Maryam's eyes and starts to reevaluate his own life. Their unlikely friendship helps Thomas rediscover his sense of purpose and ultimately changes the course of his adventure.

As they navigate the challenges of the desert and evade those seeking to bring Maryam back, Thomas and Maryam form a deep bond and both undergo profound personal transformations. The experience ultimately leads Thomas to a newfound sense of meaning and connection, and he returns to Italy a changed man.
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