Thriller,Mystery   South Korea

In The 12th Suspect, the detective, Kim Sang-joong, finds himself in a tension-filled situation when he is called to investigate a murder that has taken place in a teahouse. The story unfolds in the aftermath of the Korean War, with the wounds of the conflict still fresh.

As the investigation gets underway, Kim realizes that there are 11 suspects present in the teahouse, each with their own deep-seated secrets and motives. The suspects include a wide range of characters, such as a former soldier haunted by his past, a nurse with a hidden identity, a war orphan searching for her family, and a businessman with suspicious connections.

As the detective delves deeper into the case, he confronts each suspect, trying to unravel their lies and uncover the truth. However, the suspects remain tight-lipped, refusing to reveal any information or trust the detective. This leads to a gripping and suffocating psychological showdown between the detective and the suspects.

As the tension rises, alliances and suspicion constantly shift among the suspects, making it increasingly difficult for Kim to distinguish the truth from the lies. With time running out and the case becoming more complex, the detective is determined to find the real killer and bring justice to the teahouse.

The 12th Suspect delves into the psychological aspects of its characters, exploring their past traumas, secrets, and fears. It highlights the impact of war on individuals and society, as well as the complexities of human nature when pushed to extreme situations. The movie keeps viewers on the edge of their seats until the thrilling climax, where the true identity of the killer is revealed and the consequences of their actions unfold.
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