Thriller   South Korea

Sure, here are some more plot details:

The killer, a seemingly normal and friendly neighbor, starts to feel the heat as the police investigation intensifies. Meanwhile, the tension and paranoia in the neighborhood reach a breaking point as everyone becomes a suspect.

As the killer frantically tries to cover his tracks, he starts to plan his next kill and an escape route. But his plans are complicated when the residents start to take matters into their own hands, becoming vigilante detectives in an attempt to catch the killer themselves.

The killer becomes increasingly desperate and reckless, leaving behind more clues and making mistakes that bring him closer to being caught.

The tension builds to a thrilling climax as the killer's plan unravels and a final confrontation with the neighborhood residents and the police ensues. The movie ends with a shocking twist that leaves the audience questioning everything they thought they knew about the characters and the events that transpired.
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