Crime,Mystery   United States of America

David Stuart, a talented artist, is struck blind when a jealous assistant/model throws acid in his face. His fiancée's father, Dr. Sam Welles, offers to donate his eyes for a sight-restoring operation, but with the condition that it can only happen after his death. Dr. Welles tragically dies in a car accident, raising suspicions about Stuart's involvement in his death.

Stuart undergoes the sight-restoring operation and regains his vision, but he is haunted by the mystery surrounding Dr. Welles' death. As he begins to unravel the truth, he becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

With the help of his fiancée and a determined detective, Stuart delves into the dark secrets of Dr. Welles' past and uncovers a web of deceit and betrayal. As he pieces together the puzzle, he realizes that the real killer is still at large, and he must race against time to clear his name and bring the true culprit to justice. The movie is a gripping thriller filled with suspense, unexpected twists, and a thrilling climax that reveals the shocking truth.
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