Drama   Canada

In the movie Queen of the Morning Calm, Debra is a 29-year-old immigrant from Korea working as a sex worker in Toronto. Despite being trapped in the oppressive cycle of abuse and poverty, she deeply loves her 10-year-old daughter Mona. Debra's life takes a significant turn when she realizes she wants a better future for herself and her daughter.

Debra strives to break free from her circumstances and become financially independent. She decides to quit her job as a sex worker and starts working as a cleaner. As she builds up the courage to leave her abusive boyfriend and former pimp, she encounters numerous struggles along the way.

Throughout her journey, Debra forms an unlikely friendship with another single mother, Maria. Maria becomes a pillar of support, offering guidance and understanding to Debra. Mona, witnessing her mother's resilience, also becomes more resilient herself, finding solace in her dreams of becoming a famous YouTube star.

As Debra's journey progresses, she begins to embrace her worth as a person and a mother. She teaches Mona about self-love and portrays a nurturing side that she was not able to fully exercise before. Together, they learn to find strength within themselves and each other.

However, Debra's escape from the past is not without challenges. She faces various obstacles and setbacks that test her resolve and determination. In her pursuit of a better life, she grapples with the guilt of leaving behind a familiar but toxic environment.

Ultimately, Queen of the Morning Calm portrays the resilience of a mother and daughter as they navigate through difficult circumstances. It highlights the transformative power of love and self-discovery, as Debra and Mona embark on a journey of emancipation, healing, and finding their own self-worth.
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