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Eliza Thornberry, a quirky and adventurous 12-year-old girl, possesses a unique ability to communicate with animals. She travels the world with her eccentric family, including her zoologist father Nigel, her documentary filmmaker mother Marianne, her wild younger brother Donnie, and her pet chimpanzee Darwin. The Thornberry family operates from their mobile home, which they affectionately call the "Comvee," as they explore nature and record wildlife for their popular television show.

Eliza's older sister, Debbie, often struggles with fitting into the unconventional lifestyle of their nomadic family. She yearns for a more stationary and normal teenage life, which results in constant sibling conflicts and misunderstandings between her and Eliza. However, as the family embarks on their latest adventure, their differences are set aside when they encounter grave danger.

During their expedition in Africa, Eliza witnesses ruthless poachers capturing a herd of precious elephants with the intent of selling their ivory. Against her parents' warnings, she decides to intervene and help save the elephants. Unfortunately, Eliza's daring plan goes awry, and she finds herself at the mercy of the poachers, who ultimately capture her.

In a race against time, the Thornberry family must find and rescue Eliza before the poachers harm her. Meanwhile, Eliza discovers that her power to communicate with animals is not just a gift but also a responsibility. She becomes determined to protect the animals she loves, no matter the cost.

Debbie, torn between her sibling rivalry and the love she has for her sister, realizes the importance of family and the strength they find in unity. She steps up alongside her parents and Donnie to aid in the search for Eliza, navigating through dangerous African terrain and enlisting the help of local wildlife along the way.

On their treacherous journey, the Thornberries face wild animals, natural obstacles, and heart-pounding encounters with the poachers. Eliza's resilience and resourcefulness, coupled with the family's unwavering support, guide them closer to finding her. Along the way, they also learn valuable lessons about conservation and the destructive consequences of illegal hunting.

Ultimately, Eliza's life hangs in the balance as the family mounts a heroic rescue operation. Together, they must outsmart the poachers, save the captured elephants, and prove that the bond between sisters can overcome any differences. Through their courageous efforts, they send a powerful message about the importance of protecting wildlife and the environment.

The Wild Thornberrys Movie immerses viewers in a thrilling adventure filled with laughter, tears, and heartfelt moments that reaffirm the power of family and the innate connection between humans and animals.
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