Crime,Action,Thriller   United States of America

In Premium Rush, the bike messenger named Wilee is given the envelope to deliver to a recipient within a strict time limit. However, he soon realizes that the envelope contains more than just a simple message. It turns out to be a ticket that can be cashed in for a large sum of money.

The dirty cop, named Bobby Monday, becomes obsessed with getting his hands on the envelope and will stop at nothing to get it. He starts chasing Wilee throughout the busy streets of Manhattan, using any means necessary to catch him, including putting innocent bystanders in danger.

As Wilee races against the clock to deliver the envelope and avoid being caught by Monday, he must use all his biking skills and knowledge of the city to outsmart the corrupt cop. Along the way, he enlists the help of his fellow bike messenger friends and his ex-girlfriend, who works as a bike courier as well.

As the suspense builds and the chase intensifies, Wilee must make split-second decisions to stay ahead of Monday and protect himself and the valuable contents of the envelope. Will he be able to outmaneuver the dirty cop and deliver the envelope in time, or will Monday catch up to him and take what he wants by force?
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