Drama,Thriller   United States of America

White Irish Drinkers is a coming-of-age drama that explores the struggles of the two brothers, Danny and Brian, as they navigate their tumultuous family life and their aspirations for a better future. The film delves into the complexities of their relationships with their parents, as well as their experiences with love, friendship, and the harsh realities of the streets of 1975 Brooklyn.

As Danny hatches a plan to steal money in order to escape their abusive father and make a better life for himself and his brother, tensions rise and the brothers find themselves at odds with each other. Brian, a talented artist, wrestles with his loyalty to his brother and his desire to pursue his own dreams.

The film also delves into the impact of the upcoming Rolling Stones concert on the brothers' lives, serving as a backdrop for their endeavors and adding another layer of excitement and urgency to their struggles.

As the story unfolds, the brothers grapple with their circumstances and ultimately have to make difficult choices that will shape their futures. White Irish Drinkers offers a compelling and authentic portrayal of family dynamics, friendship, and the quest for hope and liberation.
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