Drama,Comedy   United Kingdom,Hungary

Sure! In the movie Dough, the old Jewish baker Nat Dayan is struggling to keep his bakery in London afloat as business declines. In an effort to save his business, he reluctantly takes on a young Muslim apprentice named Ayyash who has a passion for baking but also has a troubled past.

Ayyash accidentally drops cannabis into the dough, unbeknownst to Nat, and the resulting product becomes a hit with customers who find themselves inexplicably drawn to the new "special" pastries. Sales begin to soar as word spreads about the bakery's unique new product.

As the two unlikely partners navigate their cultural and religious differences, they also form a bond and mutual respect for each other. However, things become complicated when a local drug dealer comes knocking, demanding a cut of the profits and threatening their safety.

In a heartwarming and humorous tale, Dough explores themes of tolerance, cultural diversity, and the power of unlikely friendships, all against the backdrop of a small but successful bakery experiencing an unexpected boost in sales.
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