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In the animated film, Animal Farm, the story begins with the animals living under the control of an oppressive farmer named Mr. Jones. Feeling mistreated and ignored, the animals, led by the wise boar named Old Major, gather together to discuss their grievances. Old Major inspires them with his dream of a farm where animals are free from human tyranny. He teaches them a revolutionary anthem called "Beasts of England" and passes on his vision of a utopian society where all animals are equal.

Soon after, tragedy strikes as Old Major passes away, leaving two pigs named Snowball and Napoleon, along with the clever and persuasive Squealer, to carry forward his message. Encouraged by their newfound unity and fueled by their desire for a better life, the animals rise up against Mr. Jones, driving him off the farm. They take control and rename the farm "Animal Farm."

Initially, the revolution seems promising, with the animals working together to run the farm and create a fair society. Snowball, a charismatic and intelligent leader, takes charge of planning and organizing while Napoleon, a more cunning and power-hungry pig, slowly begins to seize control.

As time goes on, the pigs manipulate and deceive the other animals for their own personal gain. They begin to rewrite the rules of Animal Farm, gradually amassing more privileges and luxuries while the other animals continue to work tirelessly. Squealer, the pig skilled in propaganda, convinces the animals that the pigs need these privileges in order to make decisions for the greater good.

Snowball, who opposes the pigs' corruption and aims to maintain the principles of Animalism, is eventually driven out by Napoleon's loyal followers. This paves the way for Napoleon to establish himself as the unchallenged leader and dictator of Animal Farm.

Under Napoleon's regime, the original principles of equality and freedom are discarded in favor of personal ambition and power. The pigs forge allegiances with the neighboring human farmers, exploiting the other animals' work and resources for their own benefit. The animals become increasingly disillusioned as their initial dreams of a fair society turn into a dark reality, mirroring the very oppression they fought against.

In the final act, the animals discover that the pigs have been trading with humans, betraying the principles of Animalism completely. The animals finally see through the pigs' corruption, but by then, it is too late. Napoleon's reign of terror and manipulation has caused irreparable damage.

The film concludes with the animals, defeated and oppressed, reflecting upon the tragic deviations from their original vision. Ultimately, Animal Farm serves as a cautionary tale, emphasizing the dangers of corruption and the importance of remaining vigilant in the face of power and manipulation.
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