TV Movie,Drama   United Kingdom,United States of America

In Capturing Mary, the young man, Joe, is a journalist who becomes enamored with the older woman, Mary, and is determined to unravel the mystery of her past. Mary, an aristocratic woman, is initially reluctant to confront her painful memories, but Joe's persistence and genuine care for her ultimately persuade her to open up.

As Mary delves into her past, the audience is taken on a journey through a series of flashbacks to her younger years. We learn that as a young girl, Mary encountered a charismatic and enigmatic stranger who captivated her and drew her into a thrilling and dangerous world. The stranger, played by actor Danny Huston, exerts a magnetic and emotional hold over Mary, and their relationship has a lasting impact on her life.

As the story unfolds, Mary and Joe's explorations of the past reveal the lasting consequences of Mary's encounter with the stranger, and the audience is led to question the nature of reality, memory, and the enduring power of the past. The film explores themes of love, loss, and the fraught complexities of human connection, as Mary and Joe navigate the treacherous terrain of memory and emotional truth.

Ultimately, Capturing Mary is a poignant and thought-provoking exploration of the ways in which our past experiences shape our present selves, and the enduring power of memory to haunt and enchant us.
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