Science Fiction,Horror,Comedy   United States of America,Germany,Bulgaria

In the film "Man with the Screaming Brain," the story revolves around a self-centered and arrogant wealthy American businessman named Bruce Campbell (played by Bruce Campbell himself). While on a business trip to Bulgaria, Campbell's wife, Pamela (played by Antoinette Byron), becomes enamored with a Russian taxi driver named Yegor (played by Vladimir Kolev).

In an unfortunate turn of events, both Campbell and Yegor are killed by an evil gypsy scientist named Dr. Ivan Ivanov (played by Stacy Keach). Driven by his passion for experimentation and reviving the dead, Ivanov decides to merge the brains of Campbell and Yegor into one body, hoping to collect valuable information from the businessman's mind while utilizing Yegor's survival instincts.

After the operation, Campbell finds himself stuck in a peculiar situation where he shares his body and consciousness with Yegor. This unlikely pairing causes an internal conflict within the newly created individual as the two personalities clash, particularly due to their polar opposite characteristics. Campbell's arrogant and selfish traits collide with Yegor's simple and honest nature, resulting in hilarious and chaotic situations.

Complicating matters further, strange and dangerous side effects of the brain transplant begin to emerge. Campbell/Yegor develops a throbbing and screaming brain which requires constant medication to keep under control. Additionally, the duo realizes that they can communicate telepathically with a disembodied head, Hefe (played by Ted Raimi), who was also a victim of Ivanov's experiments.

Driven by their shared desire for revenge against Ivanov, Campbell/Yegor, Hefe, and Pamela join forces to hunt down the mad scientist. Along their quest, they encounter an array of odd characters and face numerous challenges. From confrontations with Bulgarian street gangs to encounters with a vengeful gypsy spirit, the unlikely team embarks on a chaotic and comedic adventure.

As the story unfolds, Campbell/Yegor discovers hidden depths within themselves, learning valuable life lessons about empathy, friendship, and sacrifice. Meanwhile, Pamela finds herself torn between the two men she loves, leading to emotional conflicts and unexpected revelations.

With a blend of comedy, sci-fi, and action elements, "Man with the Screaming Brain" takes the audience on a wild journey filled with outrageous situations, eccentric characters, and unexpected heartwarming moments.
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