Drama,Thriller   United Kingdom

In the film "The Ghoul," the homicide detective named Chris is determined to solve a puzzling double murder case that has left him baffled. He becomes convinced that the key to solving the crime lies with a particular psychotherapist named Dr. Fisher. In order to gather substantial evidence and gather insight into the case, Chris decides to go undercover as a patient seeking treatment from Dr. Fisher.

As Chris progresses through his therapy sessions, guided by Dr. Fisher, he starts to experience a mysterious and disorienting blur between fantasy and reality. The boundaries between his undercover persona and his true self become increasingly hazy, causing him to question his own motivations and sanity.

During one of his sessions, Chris discusses his theories about the double murder, sharing his belief that it was the work of a serial killer. As Dr. Fisher delves deeper into Chris's psyche, mysterious connections between his personal life and the murder case start to emerge. Seemingly unrelated elements from Chris's investigations meld with his own troubled past, leading him to uncover unsettling secrets about his own identity.

As Chris digs deeper into his therapy, he becomes consumed by his mission to unravel the truth behind the double murder. The increasingly blurred line between fantasy and reality challenges his ability to discern what is real and what is merely a construct of his imagination. Paranoia sets in, and Chris's grip on reality slips further, leaving him tormented by the fear that everything around him may be an elaborate illusion designed to control or confuse him.

In a climactic twist, Chris uncovers a shocking revelation regarding the true nature of his therapy sessions and his connection to Dr. Fisher. The line between his undercover operation and his own psyche shatters completely, leaving him to confront his own darkest desires and fears. With his own sanity hanging in the balance, Chris must determine if he can trust his own perceptions and untangle the truth from the complex web of deception surrounding him.

"The Ghoul" is a psychological thriller that explores the intricate relationship between memory, perception, and reality. As Chris wrestles with his own demons and confronts the truth about the double murder, the film delves into the twisted depths of the human mind and explores the fragility of one's own perception of the world.
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