Adventure,Thriller,Science Fiction,Animation,Fantasy,Action   Japan,United States of America

In the year 2065, Earth is no longer habitable due to an invasion of mysterious alien creatures called Phantoms. These Phantoms are able to possess and kill humans, and they are gradually absorbing the planet's energy, causing further destruction. The remnants of humanity are forced to hide in protective domed cities.

Aki Ross, a brilliant scientist haunted by visions, believes that the only way to stop the Phantoms is by collecting the eight spiritual forces that exist in the Earth. She is convinced that by combining these spirits, she can create a powerful energy wave that will neutralize the alien threat.

Dr. Sid, Aki's mentor and a prominent expert in the study of the Phantoms, supports her theory. He believes that the key lies in finding and harnessing the power of the Gaia, which is the life force of the planet. Together, they lead a research team known as the Deep Eyes Squadron, made up of military personnel and scientists, in an effort to save humanity.

Throughout their mission, the team faces numerous challenges and setbacks. They must battle not only the Phantoms but also the skeptical General Hein, who distrusts Aki's methods and believes that they are a waste of time and resources. The team's loyalty and determination are put to the test as they encounter dangerous situations and witness the destruction caused by the Phantoms.

As the group collects the spiritual forces, they discover that each spirit is represented by a deceased phantom-infected creature. The team must defeat these creatures to extract and contain the spirits. Aki, experiencing her own personal conflicts along the way, also faces skepticism from her fellow scientists who believe her methods are too risky and unorthodox.

Finally, Aki and her team acquire all eight spirits. They realize that in order to release the powerful energy wave, Aki herself must become the conduit for the Gaia's energy. Despite the risks involved, Aki willingly sacrifices herself in an attempt to save not only the surviving humans but also the planet itself.

In a climactic battle, Aki unleashes the energy wave, neutralizing the Phantoms and saving Earth from their destructive presence. The surviving members of the Deep Eyes Squadron mourn the loss of their friend but are grateful for her sacrifice and the ultimate victory over the alien threat.

In the end, the remaining humans emerge from their domed cities, hopeful for a new beginning in a world free from the Phantoms' influence. The movie ends with a message of unity and the importance of protecting and respecting the planet and its spiritual forces.
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