Action,Science Fiction,Adventure,Thriller   Canada,United States of America

Sure! Here are more plot details for the movie Total Recall:

After the failed memory implantation procedure, Douglas Quaid starts questioning his own identity. Unsure of what is real and what is fabricated, he sets out on a dangerous journey to uncover the truth about his past and his true self.

Quaid soon discovers that his former life as a factory worker was a cover, and that he was actually a highly skilled operative involved in a top-secret mission against Chancellor Cohaagen. As he delves deeper into his memories, he realizes that he possesses important information that could change the course of the world.

Joined by Melina, a courageous rebel fighter and part of the resistance against Cohaagen's oppressive regime, Quaid embarks on a mission to locate Matthias, the enigmatic leader of the underground movement. Matthias holds the key to unlocking Quaid's memories and revealing the extent of Cohaagen's deceit.

As Quaid and Melina navigate a dystopian landscape filled with danger and betrayal, they face numerous threats from Cohaagen's forces, including elite henchmen and technologically advanced machinery. They must use their wits, combat skills, and newly awakened memories to outsmart their pursuers and expose Cohaagen's true intentions.

Throughout their journey, Quaid also uncovers his true love, a woman named Lori, who is revealed to have ties to both his fabricated and real memories. This revelation adds another layer of complexity to his quest, forcing him to confront his conflicting emotions and conflicting loyalties.

As the truth about Quaid's identity and the rebellion's plans is gradually revealed, the line between fantasy and reality continues to blur. Quaid discovers that his fate is intricately linked to the fate of the underworld and the future of the entire world. With the clock ticking, he must make difficult choices and confront his own inner demons to fulfill his destiny and bring down Chancellor Cohaagen's oppressive regime.

Total Recall is a thrilling sci-fi action film filled with surprising twists, intense action sequences, and a thought-provoking exploration of memory, love, and identity.
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