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In the movie Birds of Neptune, Rachel is a young woman who has been haunted by the memory of her deceased parents for most of her life. They died when she was a child, and their loss has had a profound impact on her. Rachel's older sister, Mona, has also played a significant role in her life, exerting a powerful influence over her.

As Rachel grows up, she begins to realize that in order to move forward and find peace, she needs to let go of the haunting memory of her parents. However, this is easier said than done. The memory of their tragic death continues to haunt her every thought and action, making it difficult for Rachel to truly live her life.

Adding to Rachel's struggles are the long-buried secrets that her family has been hiding. These secrets, once unearthed, have the potential to shake the foundations of her world. Rachel must confront these hidden truths and deal with the consequences they bring. The revelation of these secrets further contributes to her journey of letting go and learning to live without the burden of the past.

Furthermore, Rachel has also inherited spiritual practices from her parents, which she must come to terms with. These inherited practices have always been a part of her life, but as she grows older, Rachel questions their validity and significance. She grapples with finding her own identity and beliefs, separate from her parents' influence.

Throughout the movie, Rachel embarks on a deeply personal and emotional journey. She navigates her complicated relationship with her sister, confronts her past, and unravels the buried secrets, all while questioning her inherited spirituality. Birds of Neptune explores themes of grief, family dynamics, self-discovery, and letting go, providing an intimate and poignant portrayal of Rachel's path towards healing and finding her own truth.
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