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In the movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Valerian and Laureline are experienced agents working for the Human Federation. They are assigned a mission by the Minister of Defense to retrieve a rare and precious creature called a "converter" from an illegal market. During the operation, Laureline is kidnapped by a humanoid alien species known as the Pearls.

Meanwhile, on Alpha, the intergalactic city that merges different civilizations, Commander Filitt, the leader of the Human Federation, is attacked by an unknown force. Valerian is ordered to investigate the incident and ensure the safety of Commander Filitt. Valerian discovers that the mysterious force is linked to a hidden area within Alpha, known as the Forbidden Zone.

Within the Forbidden Zone, Valerian encounters a group of creatures called the Shadows, who are revealed to be the ancient inhabitants of the planet Mül, which was destroyed during a war. The Shadows have survived as energy beings, seeking revenge on those responsible for their planet's destruction.

Valerian learns that Commander Filitt was involved in the destruction of Mül, leading to the Shadows' desire for retribution. In order to save Alpha and prevent further destruction, Valerian and Laureline must find a way to stop the Shadows. With the help of alien allies, including a shapeshifting alien named Bubble, they uncover a plan by Commander Filitt to cover up his involvement and betray humanity.

As Valerian and Laureline race against time, they confront Commander Filitt and expose his intentions. Valerian manages to communicate with the Shadows, convincing them to spare Alpha and its inhabitants. The Pearls, whom Laureline had been captured by, aid in the battle against Commander Filitt's forces, seeking justice for their own people. In the end, Valerian and Laureline successfully save Alpha, bringing peace to the city and preventing further harm to the universe.

Throughout the movie, Valerian and Laureline's relationship grows as they support and rely on each other. Valerian learns from Laureline's empathy and determination, while Laureline admires Valerian's courage and resourcefulness. Together, they not only complete their mission but also forge a stronger bond as partners in both life and love.
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