Drama   Canada

Additional plot details of the movie "Across the Line" unfold as follows:

Mattie Slaughter, a talented young African-American ice hockey player, dreams of becoming the thirty-first Black player in the National Hockey League (NHL). However, Mattie faces numerous challenges along his journey. Living in the rural Black community of North Preston, he experiences the systemic racism that taints every aspect of his life, including his education.

Despite the racial prejudice around him, Mattie strives to keep his focus on excelling in hockey, understanding that he needs to remain out of trouble to achieve his goal. However, difficulties arise when his older brother, a hustler involved in dubious activities, puts Mattie in conflicting situations. Mattie finds himself torn between loyalty to his brother and staying on the right path to pursue his dream.

Furthermore, Mattie's romantic interest adds another layer of complication to his life. He finds himself deeply attracted to a girl who is already in a relationship, making his pursuit of both love and success even more challenging. Mattie must navigate through these personal and interpersonal struggles while also defying the racial adversity he faces daily.

Throughout the film, "Across the Line" portrays Mattie's resilience, determination, and courage as he strives to overcome the obstacles hindering his path towards becoming a professional hockey player. The movie explores themes of racial discrimination, personal sacrifices, family dynamics, and the power of dreams against adversity.
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